23 - 26 JUNE 2021

ASEAN’s Only Exhibition on Factory Construction, Maintenance, Facility Management, and Technology

DIW to Support and Empower Factories of the Future

The effect of Covid-19 has still been lingering from many months of production pause, and industry sector may need time to recover. To survive this crisis, besides rethinking the new approaches in business, supporting measures from the government could, more or less, mitigate the burden that business entrepreneurs are tackling. This article is honored by Mr. Supakit Boonsiri, Deputy Director General of the Department of Industrial Works, to talk about supporting measures and advice on how the factory systems and manufacturing processes should be adjusted to thrive in the post-Covid era.


“As per cabinet resolution on 17 March 2020, it is concluded that over 56,598 factories nationwide will be exempted from this year’s annual fee. Also, the Department of Industrial Works is preparing documents to request a budget for a recovery plan, and the five proposed projects with a total budget of 231 million baht to elevate industrial factories in machinery maintenance, security, quality, productivity, energy, environment, food engineering techniques, and digital platforms for automotive parts manufacturers & SMEs in its supply chains.”

Riding the Waves of Digitization and On-demand Manufacturing

Regarding the advice on the factory adjustment, Mr. Supakit has said that digital technologies will be imperative for industries in the future. That is, businesses of all sizes – small, medium, big – will move toward digitization and on-demand manufacturing. So, looking from the other perspective, Covid-19 is a game changer to accelerate us toward Industry 4.0.

“For business entrepreneurs who have no experience with automation, you could start off from the basic technologies and gradually move to the advanced technologies like Automation, Robots, IoT/IIoT, and Cloud Computing. These also include program/software for managing supply chain or E-tax Invoice that will make your factory fully automated.”

Exhibition: the Shortcut for the Change

To elevate factory standard, there is not only manufacturing processes that need to be upgraded your but also the overall operation systems, that's why the Department of Industrial Works will be supporting FACTECH 2021, One-Stop Sourcing Destination for Factory Upgrade, which will be held during 23-26 June 2021 at BITEC, Bangkok. This is an ASEAN's only event that combines all products and services for Factory Construction, Factory Planning System, IT, Security, Lighting, etc. Moreover, the onsite seminars will deep dive into the topics of environment, security, energy, and social responsibility to embark Thailand's factories into Industry 4.0 era with full potential.

“Exhibition is one of the effective marketing tools to gain your brand visibility with unparalleled speed. I’m inviting you all to participate in FACTECH 2021 to empower the change of industry through inspirations, ideas, technologies, knowledge, and experiences, which are beneficial to quickly recover business, economy, and society,” Mr. Supakit added.