19-22 June 2024

Prioritizing Safety is Key for Sustainable Industry in Thailand

Since Thailand became part of the modern industrial supply chain, the structure of the plant facilities and the design of the production lines has continuously evolved. This is the same as the laws that regulate work safety and management. The more modern technologies have been adopted, the safer the working condition in the manufacturing sector, and the increased conscience about industrial impact on the community and the environment.


Over Three Decades of Promoting Work Safety

“The Safety and Health at Work Promotion Association (Thailand) Under Patronage was established to promote safety and occupational health in environment. Our roles include providing legal advice, consultant on work safety standards and the measurement of impact on the environment . Over 34 years, SHAWPAT has worked with both public and private agencies, and have a network of academic experts in various fields of safety. Hence, we have been trusted by various business establishments to trained over 100,000 personnel on the laws and regulations regarding safety each year.


In addition to these activities, the association also creates many campaigns to promote a preventive safety culture through projects such as "Vision Zero" that advocates the seven Golden Rules (laws of morality) to be applied in workplace to reduce work accidents to "zero", and the "S-Mark" project that certifies the standards for personal protective equipment. We also organize CSR activities under the concept "SHAWPAT CSR Cares for Society" that supports all industrial sectors through providing knowledge and positive awareness about safety, work-related accidents, and laws concerning construction works and the future of construction safety management, so that workers will gain a better understanding and has the right mindset about these topics.”


Entrepreneurs should Consider Every Factor for Business Recovery in the Covid-19 Era

“After the Government relaxed the lockdown policy for the manufacturing sector, entrepreneurs should reconsider plans for their future business by taking into account the existing capacity and new opportunities under the new normal. They should also align their strategies with Thailand’s direction for long-term development to create a well-rounded business


Trust in Synergies through Business Networks and Trade Exhibitions

“For entrepreneurs to discover new knowledge and business networks, meeting new industrial colleagues from different businesses can help, and FACTECH is considered an important gathering of entrepreneurs that correspond to this objective since there will be presentation of modern technologies, tools and equipment, as well as highly efficient innovations for construction, maintenance and management of environmental resource. In sum, it encompasses every solution required in the business establishments and industrial plants. Therefore, it is an important platform to share business vision post Covid-19 crisis and facilitate industrial connection for stable and mutual business development in the future.”